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The audit services division of Orr, Martin & Waters has clients large and small, private and public covering a wide range of industries and business sectors.

We offer a level of service to our clients that complements the professional approach adopted by the firm.  Our audit approach allows us to develop an audit plan that includes audit procedures focused on specific identified risks and to perform an effective and efficient audit based on that plan.

Taken as a whole, our audit plan is designed to include procedures which will provide reasonable assurance that the financial statements are not materially misstated.  Reasonable assurance is obtained from evidence collected during the performance of audit procedures, including analytical procedures, tests of controls and substantive tests.  Our audit plan is also designed to enable us to respond to management's concerns and to render meaningful business advice to the client.  We do this by :

  • having a genuine commitment to providing service of the highest quality;
  • assigning appropriately qualified personnel to the engagement;
  • developing and sustaining a close working relationship with management without compromising our independence;
  • integrating our client service objectives into our audit plan; and
  • the clear communication of our objectives to staff members involved on the engagement.

The financial statements of the entity to which we attach our audit report to the members must comply with the required Accounting Standards, Corporations Law and/or other relevant legislation and other reporting requirements of the accounting bodies.  Consequently, it is necessary to keep up to date technically.

Whilst it may be perceived that the issuance of the audit report at the conclusion of an engagement is the end of the firm's involvement with the client for another year, we believe that auditors are in a unique position to benefit the client.  Not only have we gained a broad understanding of the client's business but we have the ability to learn about other businesses by continually crossing organisational boundaries.  We can also be more objective than management by looking from the outside in.




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